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State of the Art

Technical solutions and ideas from our business units are published here in accordance with §3(1) PatG / Art.54(2) EPÜ on a regular basis to provide information about the general state of technology.

TC Rotary Knob with Slider Sensor
  • A2015-009 | Mathew Schwind

    A rotary knob utilizing capacitive sensing to detect the movement of an indexed ring is suggested. Consumers are interested in a knob with an integrated user interface. Preferably this knob shall be rotating. Further a knob with metal look and feel is preferred, as it gives a worthy appearance.

Low-capacitance design for operation of LEDs with AC power supply
  • G2016-016 | Uwe Nieberlein, Günther Köninger

    Glow effects may occur on LED (Light Emitting Diode) light devices operated in an AC network – especially with sinusoidal voltage supply – when in "off" state, i.e. when the light devices are switched off and therefore should be dark. 

Procedure for the Production of Protective Coating on an Optical Component and Optical Component with such Protective Coating
  • B2015-033 | Dr. Rudolf Schmid, Matthias Michael Welte, Robert Langer, Thomas Fiedler, Dr. Nicolai Künzner

    The technical solution approach concerns a procedure for the production of a protective coating on the surface of an optical component to protect it against impact or damage caused by environmental influences.

Temperature-Resistant Fuze
  • J2014-002 | Martin Kernberger, Harald Marzari, Martin Leonhardt, Dr. Robert Hüttner, Egon Klaussner, Walter Grieb

    The technical solution approach describes a temperature-resistant fuze for projectiles with particularly long range and high velocity. Accordingly, temperature resistance, which is of particular importance for high velocities, is achieved through appropriate material selection and advantageous design of individual fuze areas.

Condensed Water Prevention for Touch Control
  • A2013-036 | Pawel Meller

    The technical solution approach comprises an additional gasket between a touch foil and a ceramic glass. This additional component is placed in such a way that no air gaps occur during the assembly, so that no moisture can reach the sensible touch sensor area. 

Safety-Critical System with Additional Safety Mechanism
  • B2014-023 | Dr. Florian Gagel, Dr. Winfried Rappold

    This invention concerns a safety-critical system which comprises at least two physically separate units connected to each other, with at least one additional safety mechanism against unauthorized access and manipulation by unauthorized third parties.

Forecasting Storage Battery Lifetime
  • G2013-012 | Trong Tran


    The technical solution approach concerns a procedure or algorithm for forecasting storage battery lifetime.

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