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Secure Mail Information


Download S/MIME CA Certificate 

SHA1:  89:3C:36:54:1F:29:BC:33:76:8E:04:BB:1C:38:0C:EF:46:26:09:BD
MD5:   DC:ED:2C:74:EB:21:22:D9:E6:24:04:95:4E:D2:CA:65  

Download Intermediate Certificate of the corporate divisions 

  • DIEHL Informatik DIG: DIG_Mail_CA
    SHA1: ‎f4:46:64:4f:b4:d9:44:e2:4d:f0:16:82:cd:01:55:2b:e9:5a:92:7a
  • Diehl Stiftung HV: HV_Mail_CA
    SHA1: ‎fa:c9:a7:ad:77:f2:b3:c5:87:0d:53:18:f0:3d:db:2f:8c:56:6c:8f 
  • Aviation TK-A: TK-A_Mail_CA
    SHA1: ‎cc 12:31:cd:63:c3:78:15:dc:1c:98:d2:1f:fd:95:61:5c:7f:93:58 
  • Controls TK-C: TK-C_Mail_CA
    SHA1: ‎a0:25:5b:0a:19:5c:30:57:03:8a:2b:9d:6d:73:08:84:fb:07:2f:79 
  • Metering TK-H: TK-H_Mail_CA
    SHA1: ‎2c:cb:58:47:96:fb:70:ff:8f:75:24:82:a0:ca:9a:30:bf:d2:01:1a 
  • Metall TK-M: TK-M_Mail_CA
    SHA1. ‎7a:c2:f0:b8:28:ee:a6:57:43:0b:13:a1:83:1a:96:77:f7:83:96:21  

Download Certificate Revocation List (CRL) 

DIEHL Informatik DIG:
Diehl Stiftung HV:
Aviation TK-A:
Controls TK-C:
Metering TK-H:
Metall TK-M: 

Download PGP CA-Key
C631 5C5C 3654 D4C5 743C E837 D1D0 06B4 41CB 652B 



Which version of S/MIME or PGP supports the Diehl Group? 

- S/MIME 3.1 (RFC 2440)
- OpenPGP (RFC 2440)
- PGP / MIME (RFC 3156) for encrypted mails to Diehl 

Where can I download user keys?
User keys are available on our key server:
or over a LDAP interface:

BaseDN for Certificates: "o=Certstore"
BaseDN für PGP-Keys: "o=PGP Keys"  

Do you have any problems, please contact our support:  


  • Diehl Informatik GmbHServiceDesk
    Phone +49 911 947-2999
  • available: 6:00 to 18:00
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