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The freedom to think long term.

Many of our employees remain connected with the Diehl organization even after they have entered retirement. We are happy about this fact and we support social cohesion and solidarity.


Start-ups are popping up like mushrooms everywhere. But which technologies have a future and how can a large corporation learn from young companies?


Danger lurks at every corner in the networked world. It is good to know that there are experienced colleagues who are taking care of the threats posed by cyber criminals.
“Even as pensioners we continue to participate in the development of our organization.”
Mr. Andreas Stadelmann
Chairman of the Diehl Pensionisten Vereinigung e.V.
“We are not looking for the legendary white unicorn among start-ups, but for long-term partners!”
Dr. Mathias Glasmacher
Head of Technology of the Diehl Group and Managing Director of Diehl Ventures
“Today, cyber criminality is team work and very well organized. We respond accordingly.”
Mr. Michael Schieber
IT-Architect at Diehl Informatik

The Diehl pensioners ─ former colleagues who remain in touch

The Diehl Retired Employees Association has worked for over fifty years on promoting a close relationship between the former employees of Diehl at the headquarters in Nuremberg/Röthenbach. A varied annual program with regular meetings, trips, common annual holidays, is offered along with the highlight of the year - the huge annual Christmas celebrations with over a thousand participants.

The christmas celebration offers a varied programm to the guests.

The group of former employees usually meet to foster personal contacts and get the latest news, but sometimes also to have an opportunity to come out of their own four walls at their advanced ages, to talk with like-minded people and look back at shared experiences. It is the contact with former colleagues that often gives optimism and hope again, especially in difficult life situations.

For those who don't have their own family or can't maintain a close relationship, it is the visits from old friends and former colleagues that provide for a bright spot. Hence, it is natural for the board of the Diehl Retired Employees Association to visit critically ill members of the association at their bedside and finally to accompany them on their last journey and bidding farewell. 

“The Diehl Retired Employees Association is not a fair-weather association that limits itself to shared recreational activities”, as Andreas Stadelmann, chairman of the association for many years summarizes its role,“ but an association of former colleagues who help each other mutually in all situations of life.” 

Diehl is proud of its former employees, who continue to feel part of the organization and are interested in participating in its development. It is our privilege to support this work in various ways.


  • Mr. Andreas StadelmannChairman of the Diehl Pensionisten Vereinigung e.V.
  • Stephanstrasse 49 90478 Nuremberg

Connecting fresh ideas with long years of experience

How does a group remain innovative in the long run? Long years of experience can also lead to operational blindness, making it difficult for unconventional ideas to thrive. True to the maxim: “We did try it once but fell flat on our faces.” But many ideas only need appropriate timing and the right team to get established successfully. However, many corporations are finding it difficult to adopt the right perception for this truth.

Technological experience and fresh ideas complement each other at Diehl Ventures.

Diehl relies on the development of own ideas as well as the innovative power of start-ups. The anchoring point for start-ups is Diehl Ventures GmbH, a company that is linked to the central technology of the Diehl Group. Experts, who work for this corporate venture capital company, search for technologies, products and business models matching our own and identify and evaluate the existing opportunities together with representatives of the business divisions.

“We are not looking for the legendary white unicorn among the start-ups, but for partners in a long term collaboration through which both the Diehl Group as well as the start-up can progress positively!”, this is how Dr. Mathias Glasmacher, Head of Technology of the Diehl Group and Managing Director of Diehl Ventures describes the task. “Both sides can learn optimally from each other while testing innovative approaches and technologies. And the start-up can develop positively with our investment, our access to the market and our know-how.”

Currently Diehl Ventures is looking specifically for start-ups with fields of activity that match the strategic targets of our business divisions. These especially include new approaches from the fields of metal processing, connectivity, security, aviation and meter data management.

Connecting innovation and experience.

  •  “Based on extensive experience, in-depth professional know-how and profound market knowledge of the employees of the Diehl Group, we are in a position to evaluate very well, whether and in what period of time new products and business models can become successful”

Rockethome is one example of collaboration between Diehl and a soaring start-up. This company from Cologne is being supported by Diehl Ventures since 2016 and has already received -for the second time in succession in the same year -the renowned Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award.


  • Dr. Mathias GlasmacherHead of Technology
    Phone +49 911 947-2002
    Fax +49 911 947-3429
  • Stephanstraße 49 90478 Nürnberg

CERT – a strong security net for IT

IT systems form the base of present day collaboration in the company and must consequently be protected from intruders. For this to work seamlessly, a closely meshed network is required. Not a virtual one, in this case, but a human network of experts. The members of the CERT-Team of Diehl are closely connected and well attuned to one another. “It is really fun working with this troupe; the wild youngsters complement the experienced experts wonderfully. We profit a lot from each other, especially technically, and thereby manage to always stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals”, states Wieland Herrmannsdörfer, IT-Security expert from the head office.

The protection of networks is a top priority.

“The little hacker who is knitting his damaging software secretly in the cellar, is not the biggest challenge. This form of criminality is very well organized today”, explains Michael Schieber from IT Security of Diehl. “Therefore it is of vital importance for us that we organize ourselves as strictly as they do to strengthen our position against virtual threats.”

CERT stands for Computer Emergency Response Team, because it is about responding rapidly to threats. “There is a saying our team has adopted: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Highest alertness and intense exchange in the team is the basis of our cooperation”, says Michael Schieber.

The international setup and decentralized structure of the group places special demands on the cooperation across locations. The good networking of the team, regular meetings, workshops on current topics and new scenarios, ensure that the IT security network continues to remain strong.

Diehl Innovations

  • The impact of digital security increases especially for industrial manufacturing. Learn more about "Smart Life" „Need for Security“ and „Industry 4.0“.

Wieland Herrmannsdörfer not only takes care of the employees: “To make sure the IT security stays that way, we also educate our users, because fraud attempts are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The more confident our employees are in handling threats from the net, the better we can sleep at night.”

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