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The freedom to think long term.

Diehl Aerosystems' emergency lighting system is part of an aircraft's onboard safety, helping passengers to get out of a plane quickly.


Companies nowadays must react fast to changing conditions in a global market. We encourage and support our engineers to tread new paths.


Danger lurks at every corner in the networked world. It is good to know that there are experienced colleagues who are taking care of the threats posed by cyber criminals.
„The emergency lighting system in an aircraft saves lives. However, we actually wish it would never be used.“
Michael Dietl
Senior expert for emergency lighting systems at Diehl Aerosystems
“We have succeeded in continuously improving all our processes.”
Mrs. Katrin Fricke
Operations Director at Diehl Controls
“Today, cyber criminality is team work and very well organized. We respond accordingly.”
Mr. Michael Schieber
IT-Architect at Diehl Informatik

Emergency lighting systems

"Emergency lighting systems in aircraft cabins are not so glamorous as, for example, in-flight entertainment. However, in case of emergency they are much more important: they always have to work everywhere perfectly," Michael Dietl says about his product. "Flying actually is the safest way to travel. We contribute to making every flight a little bit safer." 

Emergency lighting guides the way to the exits when normal lighting systems fail. Passengers must clearly see the exit route that leads directly outside. In the event of a power failure in the cabin, the emergency lights at the cabin ceiling and on the floor come on, enabling safe exit.


  • Aircraft cabins continue to be developed. Aerosystems shows what is feasible.

"Aircraft can be evacuated within 90 seconds, this is absolutely impressive. However, to ensure orderly evacuation, we develop a certified emergency lighting system for every aircraft program," says Michael Dietl. "A major component is the battery above the aircraft door. This is the energy source for the emergency lighting system and must be absolutely reliable and safe."

Complex tests have to be carried out to guarantee that reliability: "We subject the batteries to extensive stress tests. They are overcharged, overheated or maltreated mechanically to select the most reliable battery technology."

Cabin lighting

  • The following video will give you an impression of work on cabin lighting: 

Research receives fresh impetus from a very familiar but unexpected source in this connection: "Ideas from household appliance technology are always interesting to us. For example, the development of vacuum cleaners also has influence on possible new battery types," Michael Dietl adds.

The subject of emergency lighting systems has a longstanding tradition at Diehl Aerosystems. For 40 years, Diehl has dealt with aircraft lighting and on-board safety. Since flying has become increasingly popular, more and more companies have entered the aviation market. However, they do not have such an extensive background of experience. But this is no reason for Diehl Aerosystems to sit back and relax: "We want to stay flexible and curious to keep on providing our customers with new, technically mature and safe systems."


Factory of the year – fully automatic, highly efficient and flexible

In October 2015, the Wangen location of Diehl Controls was chosen as the overall winner of the renowned industry benchmark contest: "Factory of the Year/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO)".*

More product handling, less power consumption at the "Factory of the year 2015".

Optimization of circuit-board assembly in every respect was decisive for the jury's decision. The fully automated assembly line comprises 72 modules over a length of 86 meters. It is operated by four employees per shift with an annual output of 1.2 million circuit boards. The facilities are monitored by cameras, the results are collected digitally.

On this basis, Diehl Controls Wangen achieved impressive dynamic improvements between 2011 and 2014: the finished-product volume rose by 10 percent and the value generated increased by 95 percent whereas power consumption dropped by 13 percent.

"From development to supply chain to production, we have succeeded in continously improving all processes and increasing the level of automation. With this approach, we are able to meet global competition," says Katrin Franke, Operations Director Electronics at Diehl Controls.

Factory of the year 2015

  • The Factory of the Year Award/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO) is the most tradition-steeped and challenging benchmark competition for the manufacturing industry in Germany and Europe. 

*Award granted jointly by the "Produktion" magazine and the management consultancy firm AT Kearney.


  • Melanie PrinzAssistant to Operations Director
    Phone +49 7522 73-189
    Fax +49 7522 73-190
  • Pfannerstraße 75-83 88239 Wangen

CERT – a strong security net for IT

IT systems form the base of present day collaboration in the company and must consequently be protected from intruders. For this to work seamlessly, a closely meshed network is required. Not a virtual one, in this case, but a human network of experts. The members of the CERT-Team of Diehl are closely connected and well attuned to one another. “It is really fun working with this troupe; the wild youngsters complement the experienced experts wonderfully. We profit a lot from each other, especially technically, and thereby manage to always stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals”, states Wieland Herrmannsdörfer, IT-Security expert from the head office.

The protection of networks is a top priority.

“The little hacker who is knitting his damaging software secretly in the cellar, is not the biggest challenge. This form of criminality is very well organized today”, explains Michael Schieber from IT Security of Diehl. “Therefore it is of vital importance for us that we organize ourselves as strictly as they do to strengthen our position against virtual threats.”

CERT stands for Computer Emergency Response Team, because it is about responding rapidly to threats. “There is a saying our team has adopted: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Highest alertness and intense exchange in the team is the basis of our cooperation”, says Michael Schieber.

The international setup and decentralized structure of the group places special demands on the cooperation across locations. The good networking of the team, regular meetings, workshops on current topics and new scenarios, ensure that the IT security network continues to remain strong.

Diehl Innovations

  • The impact of digital security increases especially for industrial manufacturing. Learn more about "Smart Life" „Need for Security“ and „Industry 4.0“.

Wieland Herrmannsdörfer not only takes care of the employees: “To make sure the IT security stays that way, we also educate our users, because fraud attempts are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The more confident our employees are in handling threats from the net, the better we can sleep at night.”

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