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The freedom to think long term.

Many of our employees remain connected with the Diehl organization even after they have entered retirement. We are happy about this fact and we support social cohesion and solidarity.


We travel by train instead of flying and eat more vegetables than meat to improve our personal ecological footprint. However, making the footprint of metal processing plants “greener” takes much more effort than that.


Offering standardized IT Services in a decentralized group such as Diehl is a daily challenge. The customer is king in one’s own organization and has varied requirements. Nevertheless, shared systems and services create synergies. Not an easy task.
“Even as pensioners we continue to participate in the development of our organization.”
Mr. Andreas Stadelmann
Chairman of the Diehl Pensionisten Vereinigung e.V.
“In order to be more efficient, we need to use energy more intelligently."
Mr. Camille Kielwasser
Project engineer in the Central Services of Diehl Metall in Röthenbach
“We want to offer our customers true added value with Shared IT-Services.”
Mr. Rene Teschner
Team Lead at Diehl Informatik GmbH

The Diehl pensioners ─ former colleagues who remain in touch

The Diehl Retired Employees Association has worked for over fifty years on promoting a close relationship between the former employees of Diehl at the headquarters in Nuremberg/Röthenbach. A varied annual program with regular meetings, trips, common annual holidays, is offered along with the highlight of the year - the huge annual Christmas celebrations with over a thousand participants.

The christmas celebration offers a varied programm to the guests.

The group of former employees usually meet to foster personal contacts and get the latest news, but sometimes also to have an opportunity to come out of their own four walls at their advanced ages, to talk with like-minded people and look back at shared experiences. It is the contact with former colleagues that often gives optimism and hope again, especially in difficult life situations.

For those who don't have their own family or can't maintain a close relationship, it is the visits from old friends and former colleagues that provide for a bright spot. Hence, it is natural for the board of the Diehl Retired Employees Association to visit critically ill members of the association at their bedside and finally to accompany them on their last journey and bidding farewell. 

“The Diehl Retired Employees Association is not a fair-weather association that limits itself to shared recreational activities”, as Andreas Stadelmann, chairman of the association for many years summarizes its role,“ but an association of former colleagues who help each other mutually in all situations of life.” 

Diehl is proud of its former employees, who continue to feel part of the organization and are interested in participating in its development. It is our privilege to support this work in various ways.


  • Mr. Andreas StadelmannChairman of the Diehl Pensionisten Vereinigung e.V.
  • Stephanstrasse 49 90478 Nuremberg

Improve the process – Save energy

How can we obtain an overview of all the consumption data required during ongoing production? The first step of energy management is effective energy controlling: Ongoing consumption must be monitored exactly: The cause must be researched wherever specific upturns are seen. Meter data is prepared to assign it exactly to the individual energy consumers. Energy management creates the prerequisites for responsible, conscientious and economical handling of energy, to continuously improve the ecological footprint of our metal production.

This year's objective? Handling materials more efficiently and sustainably than we do today.

“We have always been conscious about our environment and costs” says Camille Kielwasser from Central Services at Diehl Metall in Röthenbach. “We basically never had open doors to the boiler room and we installed motion sensors on lamps that were always on. But that is not what we mean, when we talk of energy management. For example, we are working on reducing the energy expended and the material used in the individual processing stages of production.”

This means rethinking and optimizing the entire production process time and again. “The high number of over 100 different alloys and a wide spectrum of semi-finished product formats and dimensions make recording and accurate assignment to products very difficult. This is a giant task”, acknowledges Dr. Claus Heubeck, Manager for Energy and responsible for the purchase of energy for the entire Diehl Group. More and more meters were installed at Diehl Metall in Röthenbach for this purpose, which recorded the consumptions in real time and routed it to an evaluation system. This enables production heads to effectively monitor the energy consumption of their plants. Managing energy with continuously improving transparency, is the task.

“We keep finding new adjusting screws to improve even more, year by year”, comments Camille Kielwasser. “This year we plan to increase our material efficiency. The dross that resulted from smelting and casting brass bolts was sold to recyclers in the past. In future, the assorted dross [1] will be separated and fed into the smelting process in the foundry again after a preparatory process. This will reduce our use of new metals and contribute positively to the ecological balance of brass production.”

Sustainability at Diehl

[1] Dross is also called slag. It emerges while smelting metals, and must be removed before further processing. The recycling of dross is a contribution towards sustainable handling of metals. More information on recycling at Diehl Metall is put together under "Sustainability"


  • Dr. Claus HeubeckManager Environment and Energy
    Phone +49 911 5704-405
    Fax +49 911 5704-387
  • Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG Heinrich-Diehl-Str. 9 90552 Röthenbach a d Pegnitz

Shared IT-Services for the entire group

The development of IT in the Diehl organization is similar to that of most other large companies. The once central IT department was detached from the organization many years ago, to fulfill its tasks as an independent company. External customers were also sought for financial reasons. However, this was eventually at the cost of a clear focus on the key customer in-house. “Naturally, we could not function this way permanently”, finds Rene Teschner, Team lead at Diehl Informatik GmbH. “We lost our close contact with the IT departments of the Diehl business divisions, and a completely different IT landscapes developed over time.”

“Symphony” is the name of the project, under which the IT cooperation in the group was reestablished. “We look for synergies today and want to offer our customers true value addition through Shared IT-Services.” Teschner summarizes the new concept. The company units of Diehl are established very close to the market and can act independently and flexibly, which is why they also have specific expectations from their IT. When services, such as email or virtual collaboration, are standardized and bundled, a competent partner is required, who can build the foundations. Or has the corresponding market overview to assign external service providers to develop them.

Digitisation at Diehl

  • No transformation without fresh energy: You can find our open positions on the career portal

“We support 70 group systems today”, says Teschner. “At the same time we are in the process of offering other shared services, to reduce the diversity of our systems, and become more user-friendly.” This means a daily balancing act between project progress and taking care of the ongoing operations. Our goal is to provide the best possible support to the corporate units and their business. However, using the opportunities and synergies offered by a large organization is equally important.


  • Human RessourceSimone SchaafDIEHL Informatik GmbH
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